Where to Find Me October 2022

It's been a hot minute since you last heard from me. Children leaving the nest, parents aging, and health challenges have filled the year, things that can weigh a heart. I took a big step away from social media, all part of going inside myself when things get emotionally hard. How much I return is still in hot internal debate.

Despite all of this, I've continued to paint. I can feel a new series emerging, and I'm excited to start sharing a few of my excavation findings. My work has pivoted to still-life as I probe women's role in society and how we scramble to the shores of worth. I'm enjoying meaning-making using objects- realizing it's a bit like creating a visual poem. Historically, still-life has reflected the bits society often overlooks. I am using it to examine women and our secret measures of worth; body, skin, children, household, and partners. I'm taking a long hard, uncomfortable look at my journey to feel worthy - realizing its healing rests in finding a way to self-love.

Inspired by those investigations, a few of the images will make their way out to my studio insider subscribers over the next couple of months. In the meantime, if you're local to the Salt Lake City area, you can see my new landscape painting at Bountiful-Davis Art Center's "8th Annual Plein Air Show: Dry Spell" until October 29th. Then on October 21- 23, I'll be participating in the Utah Arts Festival Studio Tour. Sign-up for a free map, tour, and artist info at https://uaf.org/studiotour.

I hope you visit me at the Rockwood Art Studios in Sugarhouse and shop some deals. Happy Autumn!

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