TOMORROW is Artists’ Sunday! Two new collections drop tomorrow at 9 am MT! Come see “The Unattainables” Collection, a series of “still-lifes” of the things Americans hoarded during the early days of the pandemic AND “When We Were Birds” Collection, a series of mini-bird portraits that come with individual wooden easels, reminding us of our nature, when we were birds and rose to sing in the world.

A Candle in Your Heart

A Candle in Your Heart

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There is a candle in your heart,
ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?
You feel the separation
from the Beloved.
Invite Him to fill you up,
embrace the fire.
Remind those who tell you otherwise that
comes to you of its own accord,
and the yearning for it
cannot be learned in any school.


6x6 in. square oil on canvas paper