TOMORROW is Artists’ Sunday! Two new collections drop tomorrow at 9 am MT! Come see “The Unattainables” Collection, a series of “still-lifes” of the things Americans hoarded during the early days of the pandemic AND “When We Were Birds” Collection, a series of mini-bird portraits that come with individual wooden easels, reminding us of our nature, when we were birds and rose to sing in the world.

Inside Utah artist, Candace McLane’s Studio

  • Kindness is Our Superpower

    Kindness. Kindness is in me. It’s nothing I’ve lost.  I carry it. I carry it in me. I can share my garden. I can leave flowers for the neighbor. I can donate to “No Kid Hungry.” I can be a witnessing ear to my friend’s woes.  I can say a kind word to a Facebook friend, with whom I don’t agree. I can feed a stray cat, pay for a stranger’s bus fare. I can vote. We are not surrounded by kindness, kindness is in us. It is our superpower. 
  • Rethinking Self Love

    “Once we remove the obstruction that has us believe, we have to try to become, we will just become... exactly what it is we are suppose to be. And those obstructions are not just our obstructions, they are a world of obstructions that have been created, that are in between us and our inherent divinity, in between us and our innate “enough-ness...”