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Original paintings are costly!  They can feel like an indulgence, and darn near impossible to afford, so we all tend to resign ourselves to purchasing a print, or if that isn’t available we keep scrolling a bit dejected, never considering there is another way.

As you may know, I am committed to people owning original art.  There is something to seeing the texture, transitions in color, and artist’s markings that is difficult to capture in a reprint of the original. It is the difference between seeing a photo of a beautiful place and actually traveling there. Original art makes your home feel special, more of a retreat from the outside world, a place that inspires, re-energizes, and reflects you. Everyone needs that! ...Especially in COVID world!

So if you see something that you really love and want, we can work out a payment plan that works with your budget, old school!  And I don’t charge interest, so put “layaway” in your cart and check out.  It’s free!  The system will notify me and we can set up a meeting to figure out what works for your budget. Let me help you get some of what you love in your home! You can reach me via email at

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