Inside Utah artist, Candace McLane’s Studio

  • Utah Arts Festival Studio Tour 2022

    Come to Rockwood Art Studios (1064 E. 2100 South, suite #20 in Salt Lake City, Sugarhouse) and you can collect at least five PINs! Entrance to the Studios are on the “Ozora Izakaya” restaurant side of the building. The Studio Tour runs Friday night, October 21, 6 to 9pm, Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23, 10am to 6pm. Register for a free tour pass at the Utah Arts Festival Studio Tour website for maps, directions, and artist info.
  • Where to Find Me October 2022

    You can see my new landscape painting at Bountiful-Davis Art Center's "8th Annual Plein Air Show: Dry Spell" until October 29th. Then on October 21- 23, I'll be participating in the Utah Arts Festival Studio Tour. Sign-up for a free map, tour, and artist info at

    I hope you visit me at the Rockwood Art Studios in Sugarhouse and shop some deals. Happy Autumn!

  • Beginning Again

    I feel like I’ve spent the better part of 2021 scrambling back to my center. Getting baby girl established in her new high school, helping my other child undo the damage created from 2 semesters of virtual college classes, reconnecting with friends regardless of opinion about COVID, all while in a sideways sleeting shame storm over my disrupted painting practice.
  • Artists to Inspire: Janet Fish

    Born in 1938, Janet Fish attended Smith College in Boston and went on to get advanced degrees in Art from the Skowhegan School of Art and Yale University's School of Art and Architecture. Primarily a contemporary realist still life artist, her work is especially about light, color, and composition, exquisitely incorporating colored glass and plastic to craft a rhythm of shadows and reflections. 
  • Godzilla at Art Access’ 300 Plate Fundraiser

    Once again this year I am participating in Art Access’ 300 Plate Fundraiser.  For those of you who don’t know, Art Access is an organization that works to improve access to creativity for differently abled and under-represented artists in the Salt Lake City community. Since 1984, Art Access has run programs to mentor emerging artists.
  • 15 Love Letters for You

    "May You Be Safe," "May You Be Healthy," "May You Feel the Devotion of Your Heart" are just a few of the titles from the "Written in Flowers" series releasing Friday, April 16th at 4 pm MT. These paintings and their titles take their origin in lovingkindness practice and the Victorian meanings of flowers.
  • Worthy, Born That Way

    "Born That Way" is a 5 x 7-inch oil on metal painting in a wooden gold frame, included in the blog image. My reflection on defining worth inspired it. This painting, along with a 4 x 8-inch oil on cradled metal painting, titled "She Said, and Now" will be at the JKR Gallery's show, 'Handscapes," in Provo, Utah, from April 2 through April 30.
  • "Only One Chance" at JKR Gallery

    Funny how we are continually being recycled into soil at our base biology, be it with our breath or our poop. The longer I am alive, see the turning of the seasons, watch the rise and fall of fellow terrestrials, watch movements evolve and dissolve, see children transform and parents dissolve, I see the cyclical nature of our very existence. Anything stable is just one moment, one encounter. The circumstances in that one moment will never arise, just like it again.
  • Upcoming Shows

    New year, new opportunities... hooray!The new year brings several opportunities for us to social- distantly meet and enjoy my work in person. The p...
  • 7 BRAVING steps to Being the Light courageous and have intimate conversations with people with different points of view. Reach out to family members, community members, and friends and have vulnerable discussions. Be willing to go into the fire and listen with an open heart. Be loving to yourself, as you feel your defensiveness and fear arise. (Know that no feeling is permanent and use that to stabilize your emotional responses.) Let go of shame in what has come before and recommit to a new future. Look for common ground, our shared ideals.  Look for the better angels.
  • Mind the Gap: Creating Art in 2020

    While our experience of 2020 has been our unique storms in our individual bottles, we have all shared the struggle to feel safe. How does an artist step into the gap between what collectors want and and an artist needs? How to make art that will allow one to earn a living, provide inspiration, and encourage others to think about what they believe they know? What are my obligations as an artist? Can I live with myself if I chose safety over truth? I am most certainly butting up against ages-old questions.
  • Living the Questions

    It reminds me of that line from Rainer Maria Rilke, “Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”